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  • What is the return policy?
    RETURNS AND REFUND POLICY Please review order for accuracy as COMPANY is not responsible for any delays or losses caused by inaccuracies input by you. Upon receipt of order, carefully inspect all products to confirm that you have received the correct item, color, and quantity. To file a claim for any defects, notify COMPANY via email at noting the defects in writing along with pictures. Shipping costs are non-refundable. Claims for labor and services will not be accepted under any circumstance. The COMPANY wants you to be highly satisfied with your purchase; however, COMPANY knows that at times a return is necessary. This is the COMPANY’s return policy: · TEN (10) DAY RETURN WINDOW for all orders. Products may be returned or exchanged within 10 days of delivery of shipment (COMPANY uses the date stamp of the delivery agent as the date stamp for delivery) ​ To return or exchange a pillow purchase you must follow these steps: 1. Notify COMPANY via email at before returning so that the COMPANY can give you the authorization and the proper mailing address. 2. Products must be in their original unused, unwashed condition, and sent back with all original packaging. 3. Shipping costs are non-refundable and all costs for return shipment are the responsibility of the customer. 4. Returns incur a twenty-five percent (25%) restocking fee. 5. Exchanges do not have a restocking fee. 6. COMPANY recommends choosing a reliable return shipping carrier, insuring the package, and requesting delivery confirmation.
  • How do I track my shipment?
    You will receive an order confirmation email with the tracking info after you order has been shipped.
  • When do I receive my shipment?
    Your order should arrive 7-14 business days after an order has been shipped. This does not include weekends or holidays. We ship directly from Los Angeles via FedEx and USPS.
  • Where does Lustrous Interiors ship to?
    Throughout all of 50 United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.
  • If I change my mind on which room I want designed after I've submitted my questionnaire, measurements, and inspiration images, can I transfer my design fee to a different room and start over?
    You can change rooms while you are in the process of pulling all of your components together. However, once you’ve submitted all of those components and our team has started working on that room, no changes can be made.
  • If I change my mind and want to cancel my room after turning in all of my information, will a refund be issued?
    You may cancel your purchase of design services for a full refund up to seven calendar days after the date of purchase, or the date on which we begin receiving your components (i.e. room photos, room measurements, inspirational photos). If you wish to cancel your purchase, you must notify us of your decision to cancel at We will notify you of your cancellation within three (3) business days of cancellation.
  • Do you keep records of all of my files? If I buy another room in the future, will my previous information still be available to ensure flow of all rooms designed?
    Yes, your information is retained with us.
  • Do I have to submit inspiration images or can you give me direction?
    The steps to our program were carefully crafted to ensure success. The inspiration images are a huge part of making sure we are on the same page. We cannot begin your design until all of your design components have been compiled and submitted. Houzz and Pinterest are great resources for starting that inspiration search.
  • If I have questions, special needs, or requests or want to add information during the time my room is being designed, how do I do this?
    Please feel free to use the comment section of our questionnaire to expand upon your specific needs and requirements. You can also email us after you’ve submitted your online interior design pack.
  • How can I be sure that the furnishings you select for me will fit my room?
    Properly measuring your room is crucial to our design process. The information you provide us helps us create your specific design. We recommend measuring everything twice to double check your numbers, taking extra care to measure door openings. We are not responsible for any incorrect measurements.
  • How long will it take for me to receive my design?
    You will have your design in approximately six to eight weeks from the date that we receive your completed design pack (longer if there are holidays).
  • Will I be purchasing the items you recommend from you directly?
    In some cases you will have the option to purchase products directly from us when a custom or to-the-trade item fits your needs and budget. In the case that a product is to be purchased from a third party vendor, you will be directed to links shown on your online interior design page.
  • Once my online interior design plan is delivered will I still be able to communicate with you? What if I want to make changes to the selections?
    We can stay in touch via email. Our goal is to deliver a design that you are thrilled with. To this end, we are pleased to accommodate one change, be it one specification or substitution, per space. Any additional changes will be assessed and paid for via an additional fee.
  • Why do you require full payment at purchasing?
    We require 100% deposit on all orders for many reasons. One of our favorite responses (loosely quoted by Tobi Fairley) is: “If, after placing an order, you decide you don’t want that sofa, I can assure you that I don’t want it either.” Once a custom order is placed, it is non-refundable. Custom orders already set into motion cannot be paused or cancelled, which means production will conclude and balances will be due... Basically, we’re a design firm, not a bank. Those examples aside, there are many benefits to paying 100% up front: • It cuts paperwork in half (instead of billing for a deposit and final invoice). • Since we do turn-key project installations (where we do one delivery after all of the orders are in at our local receiver’s warehouse), you would still be required to pay for items in full prior to receiving them. • Projects move more quickly this way, as it makes the entire order process more efficient and allows us to complete your project quicker. Here’s an example to illustrate our point: Our vendors won’t ship your items until they are paid in full, so in the case of a 50% deposit, we would then pay our vendors 50%. They would send us an invoice when the item is ready to ship. We then send you a balance-due invoice. We process your payment, then pay our vendor. Some vendors still send paper invoices and only take checks, so this can add a week or two to the lead time.
  • What do clients expect to get?
    Full-service interior design consists of three major phases: Conceptual Design Detailed Design Purchasing and Execution Our full-service approach enables us to manage projects from initial concept through to completion, designing your home down to the final detail. It is our job to take care of the major and minute design details that turn a house into a home.
  • How do you handle purchasing?
    All purchasing and execution goes through Lustrous Interiors. Your purchase of interior design items (i.e. furniture, tile, fixtures, fabrics and other design materials) through us will serve as payment for our services during the Purchasing and Execution Phase. We charge commercially reasonable “retail” prices. We have developed and refined our process and are not willing to deviate from it. We do not offer options in design presentations, as we find that when we provide options, we end up with a very “vanilla” design. Meaning, everything has to be interchangeable, which is not how we develop layered, thoughtful, and detailed designs. Our true value is in putting together the mix. Options greatly detract from that. In addition, full-service interior design features to-the-trade pieces purchased through Lustrous Interiors. Although it may seem obvious in hindsight to swap out a few items for less expensive options, that isn’t how full-service interior design works. Our agreement is that we set a investment estimate together, then furnishings are purchased through Lustrous Interiors.
  • What interior design services does Lustrous Interiors offer?
    Full-service interior design Additions and renovations consulting New-construction consulting Project management Kitchens and bathrooms Furniture and accessories Space planning Custom cabinetry Fabrics and upholstery Floor coverings and rug design Wall coverings Window treatments Lighting design Corporate offices Hospitality and restaurants Public spaces and lobbies Sustainable design
  • What is Detailed Design?
    The Detailed Design Phase takes approximately eight weeks, and consists of the following design services: · Selection of each item according to design direction, investment estimate, and floor plan(s) · Procurement of written quotes from all trades and vendors · Completion of selections in accordance with approved inspiration boards and initial selections · Finalizing the approved floor plan(s) with actual selections · Drawing relevant elevations of the space · Completing any custom piece drawings as needed · Presentation preparation to communicate the design · Confirming the actual numbers against the approved investment estimate Detailed Design includes the following: · Inspiration board(s) · Floor plan(s), elevation(s), and relevant custom drawings · Proposal of each item for your approval, with all details to confirm orders and the coordinating samples · Investment estimate updated with actual costs
  • How long does it take?
    The Conceptual Design Phase typically takes approximately eight weeks and the Detailed Design Phase takes approximately eight weeks. The Purchasing and Execution Phase is time dependent on scope of work, the contractor’s schedule, and the availability of all materials and FFE (furniture, fixtures, and equipment).
  • What is Conceptual Design?
    The Conceptual Design Phase takes approximately eight weeks and includes the following design services: · We assess the current project space, take measurements and photos, and document any items that will be staying. · Design the ideal floor plan to ensure the best possible layout for the project. · Create inspiration board(s) to communicate what we envision for the project. · Determine initial selections to confirm the design direction. · Create a investment estimate to capture the elements that will be needed to make the project a reality, from furnishings to trades. · Conduct “Trade Day” at your home. This is where we consult with our trades and vendors on site to review the project concepts and take detailed measurements in order to receive accurate quotes. (It is imperative to be on site with the vendors to discuss obstacles and options at the outset). Conceptual Design includes the following: · Floor plan(s) · Inspiration board(s) · Limited Initial selections · Updated investment estimate for approval During this phase, we will confirm the design direction, layout, and investment estimate of the project, with one revision offered. The one allowed revision will add time onto this phase depending on the scale of the revision.
  • What is Purchasing and Execution?
    The Purchasing and Execution Phase is time dependent on scope of project and the contractor’s schedule. Purchasing and Implementation Phase: · Placing orders & assessing delivery times · Complete the purchasing of goods on your behalf · Clarify and communicate estimated delivery times · Manage open orders by efficiently tracking goods · Prepare the construction & installation timeline Construction · Oversee the construction and installation timeline · Coordinate project logistics with contractors and vendors · Provide site checks for project accuracy Installation · Coordinate deliveries and installations · On site presence during deliveries and installations, where applicable Furniture Installation and Styling · Provide turnkey furniture installation, which means that all of the furnishings are delivered at one time, once any construction is complete · Plan and execute the styling process · Style and photograph the completed project, where applicable The Reveal · Provide documentation that supports the care and maintenance of your newly completed project · Identify any deficiencies that we’ve noted during installation in the format of a project punch list · Present the styling price list for each item installed, where applicable · Confirm what you want to keep or return from the styling price list, where applicable · Pick up and return any items identified to be returned, where applicable Identify & Resolve Deficiencies · Identify and resolve all deficiencies identified on the project punch list

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